The role of mathematics in STEM-activities - in the light of sustainability

Mette Lindhardt Als Kristensen, Lars Seidelin

Publikation: Kapitel i bog/rapport/konference-proceedingKonferencebidrag i proceedingsForskningpeer review


In recent years STEM approaches in education have received increasing focus also in underpinningsustainable development. However, mathematics plays an understated role in these approaches. The‘LabSTEM’ project focuses on developing STEM activities where mathematics plays a pivotal role.As a part of the ‘LabSTEM’ project a large review of 4812 articles were conducted and 37 articles,which describe STEM activities were selected, analysed and synthesized to search for the differentroles mathematics can play in integrated STEM activities. Here two main categories were found:either mathematics can be applied as a tool in the STEM activity or mathematics is a specific goal.From the analysing process a construct which grasp the different ways mathematics can interplay inSTEM activities were developed and subsequently verified by reviewing the 37 articles using theconstruct. We propose to use the construct as a clarifying and discussion tool when analysing anddeveloping STEM activities with focus on mathematics in the future.
TitelScience education in the light of Global Sustainable Development - trends and possibilies : Proceedings of the 13th Nordic Research Symposium on Science Education
RedaktørerSøren W. Clausen, Peer Daugbjerg, Birgitte L. Nielsen, Martin K. Sillasen, Simon O. Rebsdorf
Publikationsdatosep. 2021
ISBN (Trykt)978-87-995920-4-3
StatusUdgivet - sep. 2021
Begivenhed13th Nordic Research Symposium on Science Education - Aarhus, Danmark
Varighed: 1. jun. 20212. jun. 2021


Konference13th Nordic Research Symposium on Science Education


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