The rapid rise in bibliometric analysis of scholarly production

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    Bibliometric analysis (BA) is increasingly used to evaluate the literature In various scientific as well as applied fields. Recent data shows an almost exponential increase in the number of published BAs. The area is now dominated by scholars with affiliations outside the traditional LIS (Library and Information Science) field. Despite the increase in the amount of BA literature, there are relatively few publications in the non-LIS literature that discuss bibliometric methods or the benefits of using this type of analysis. Discussions about this are primarily still taking place in the LIS literature.
    It has raised concerns about the outcome of the process. It is possible that the publication procedure is decoupled from the normal context that guarantees the quality and integrity of the bibliometric product.
    We analyse and discuss the production as well as the impact of the literature that uses bibliometric analysis. This may shed light on who are newcomers to the field and what motivates their use of bibliometric methods.
    It has recently been found (Gonzalez-Alcaide et al. (1)) that many so-called 'transient authors' with only a single publication are involved. This can lead to speculation about the use of BA as a shortcut to rapid publication within a field.
    We observe a relatively greater impact of the most cited BA articles in the non-LIS literature compared to the similar LIS-literature. It leaves a long tail of articles with few citations that are apparently not used by the relevant communities.
    (1) Gonzalez-Alcaide et al. (2021). To be published.
    Publikationsdato4. nov. 2021
    StatusUdgivet - 4. nov. 2021
    BegivenhedNordic Workshop on Bibliometrics and Research Policy 2021 - Campusvej 55, Odense, Danmark
    Varighed: 3. nov. 20215. nov. 2021


    KonferenceNordic Workshop on Bibliometrics and Research Policy 2021
    LokationCampusvej 55


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