The Praxis and Methodology of Educational Action Research

Publikation: Bidrag til tidsskriftTidsskriftartikelForskningpeer review


This article ventures to inquire action research as an evolving way to approach educational research and professional development. Focus is on methodological, epistemological and ontological questions in order to highlight problems, dilemmas and possible outcomes of this research method. Our main argument is that action research is based in a special approach to social reality as an emergent and therefore changing phenomenon, and that the problem of agency, action and reflection is of outmost interest in this approach to research. In the center of action research, we find the practitioners and researchers, but around these figures are places political interests as well as the research community. Political interests can be seen as legitimate but at the same time a thread to the critical dimensions in action research. The discussion with the research community is highly important when it comes to research quality, but at the same time we find it important that action researchers meet these discussions with philosophical and methodological self-conscience. In this article various levels of action research in education are discussed, specifically the policies, organizational structures and personal dimensions. The authors inquire essential perspectives on methodological constraints and research competencies, which entails novel approaches to how action researchers can skillfully manage the complex challenges that arise in research projects and processes. Hence, the article highlights the artfulness of educational action research – with a philosophical, theoretical and practical illumination of a research method that seems to be gaining increasing momentum in recent years.
TidsskriftHigher Education
StatusAfsendt - 2021


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