The Players' Perceived Benefits of Participating in "Football for the Heart" in Danish Football Clubs

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In Denmark, there have been a significant growth in using recreational football to encourage individuals to increase their physical activity levels. A growing body of evidence suggests that football-orientated exercise can have significant physical, mental and social health benefits for participants living with a variety of different conditions. The initiative' Football for the Heart' (FFH) is implemented in 26 Danish football clubs with the aim of improving the quality of life for individuals living with cardiovascular disease and serving as a preventative investment in cardiovascular patients' health. This study employs a mixed-methods approach to investigate the perceived benefits of participation in FFH among participants. The data for the analysis, are collected through qualitative focus group interviews in 2021 with participants from three different sports clubs and through a questionnaire survey from 2022, answered by 125 participants. The study found that participants perceived benefits of participating in FHH, to be beneficial in multiple parameters relating to physical, psychological, and social well-being. Participants reported improvement in physical and mental health, as well as an increase in social networks and motivation to be active.
StatusUdgivet - 2023
BegivenhedEASS - European Conference for the Sociology of Sport 2023 - The Hungarian University of Sports Science, Budapest, Ungarn
Varighed: 31. maj 20222. jun. 2023
Konferencens nummer: 19


KonferenceEASS - European Conference for the Sociology of Sport 2023
LokationThe Hungarian University of Sports Science