The North Sea offshore wind park network and the role of SMEs in project benefit management across actors

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The research in this paper reveals how Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) can contribute to project benefit management for offshore wind energy to be competitive. The research is based on a longitudinal qualitative study starting in 2011 with 10 SME wind park suppliers. The research continued with a focus group interview and individual interviews with 20 larger enterprises and SMEs within operation and maintenance in wind parks with follow up in a seminar May 2015.

The findings reveal opportunities and challenges for SMEs to contribute to project benefit management in wind parks. Four different routes are identified for the SMEs: competition and cooperation on arm’s length conditions; demand-driven cooperation for SME suppliers possessing specific valuable knowledge; supplier-driven cooperation for SME suppliers to provide joint solutions to larger enterprises; partner-driven collaboration for SMEs to work on equal conditions with larger enterprises. The SME contribution to project benefit management is present and different in all four routes. The findings reveal that it is difficult for SMEs to move from the arm’s length approach given by the tender legislation to the other three routes for SMEs to enhance Project Benefit Management. It is especially difficult to move to the partner-driven approach. Here the intermediary roles of either demand-driven or supplier-driven SME approach are needed before the partner-driven approach is likely to be achieved.

A contribution is hereby made to the understanding of how SMEs can contribute to project benefit management for enhanced understanding of SME suppliers, larger enterprises, academic researchers and policy bodies to elaborate and take action on in concrete offshore wind project context.
StatusUdgivet - 2016
BegivenhedACERE Conference 2016 - Griffith University, Gold Coast Campus Parklands Drive Southport, Qld 4222, Brisbane, Australien
Varighed: 2. feb. 20165. feb. 2016


KonferenceACERE Conference 2016
LokationGriffith University, Gold Coast Campus Parklands Drive Southport, Qld 4222


  • Innovation
  • Project Benefit Management
  • SMEs, Innovation, networks, public policy
  • Wind Energy