The equal accessibility to patient complaint measures: a Danish perspective

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The equal accessibility to patient complaint measures – a Danish perspective
Like the Danish Healthcare Act (Para 2) basically prescribes a right to easy, equal access to healthcare, a Complaint Act (Para 2) entitles patients to file a complaint (about health professional conduct, informed consent obtainment etc.) with a Health Disciplinary Board at no cost. While there is no guarantee that healthcare is proportionately delivered across patient groups there is no warrant either that the complaint system actually promotes equal accessibility (by natives, cross-border patients etc.). To further study the actual complaint pattern a review was conducted on a 1-year General Practice care complaint sample (2007). Data were extracted on patient gender, age, and affiliation with labor market (if available). Interpreter use or family name presence on the Family Government Agency’s list of foreign names was used as the only available proxy for foreign extraction. Among the 428 patient complaints, patient gender distribution was 248 females and 180 males. Ages were 0-14 years: 42; 15-40 years 133; 41-64 years: 172; 65- years: 81. 171 patients were outside labor force; 127 were employed and self-employed; 130 were unemployed or could not be classified. 19 fulfilled foreign extraction criteria. The Board issued a critique in 82 (19%) of decisions. Findings suggest that complainants mostly are female patients and patients in their working years. A few patients are of foreign extraction. On a regional level patient advice offices exist to guide complainants and the Danish Ombudsman claimed the duty to also provide interpreter assistance yet with no obligation to generally offer foreigner complaint information. Currently only little homepage information is available in English. More research is needed on complainant characteristics and complaint system use.
Publikationsdato1. okt. 2015
StatusUdgivet - 1. okt. 2015
BegivenhedConference of the European Association of Health Law - Prague, Tjekkiet
Varighed: 1. okt. 20152. okt. 2015


KonferenceConference of the European Association of Health Law


Birkeland, S. (2015). The equal accessibility to patient complaint measures: a Danish perspective. Poster session præsenteret på Conference of the European Association of Health Law, Prague, Tjekkiet.