That did not go as planned! Reflections on service delivery in Danish professional football

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Studies within organizational psychology in sport and the experience of practitioners point to the fact that working within an environment means providing services where there are other distracting influences, such as organizational stress, change, pressure, external demands, media intrusion, contract negotiations and the presence of agents (Nesti, 2010). Moreover, researchers highlight the existence of poor employment practices having direct and indirect implications for on-field performance following organizational changes (Wagstaff & Larner, 2015). This presentation highlight that practitioner’s need to be aware of how results affect organizational changes (e.g., changing coaches) and how organizational change affects his or her services in a professional sports organization. There is a need for practitioners to integrate the notions of self-reflexivity and cultural sensitivity into his or her professional philosophy when entering a professional sports organization; and having an eye on several “logics” operating in the organization. In good times logics co-exist peacefully and it might seem to be a strong and coherent culture, but in “crisis” and adversity they cannot co-exist and in soccer the “short-termism” will apparently prevail. Thus the similar organizational set-up can act differently according to shifting situations and processes within the club. Practitioners entering a professional organization need to have some political acuity, because the contexts are changing. These circumstances imply that the practitioner needs to know that changes will occur when results are poor.
StatusUdgivet - 2019
Begivenhed15th European Congress of Sport and Exercise Psychology - University of Munster, Munster, Tyskland
Varighed: 15. jul. 201920. jul. 2019
Konferencens nummer: 15


Konference15th European Congress of Sport and Exercise Psychology
LokationUniversity of Munster


Larsen, C. H. (2019). That did not go as planned! Reflections on service delivery in Danish professional football. Abstract fra 15th European Congress of Sport and Exercise Psychology, Munster, Tyskland.