Technology Enhanced Learning

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Part 1: Use of online communication: (word count: 1500 +/- 10%)
Please note that we will be using the terms 'discussion board', discussion forum' and 'discussion' indistinguishably.
a) Select three comments from online discussions you have been involved in (e.g. from this module; from the MOOC).
1. One should be your own,
2. One from your colleagues
3. One a response you have made to your colleagues’ posts.
For each comment, reflect on what you have learned from the post – this could be about the way it was written (e.g. use of language, emoticons) or about the content. All reflections should include, where relevant, reference to the literature and section 1a) should be approximately 500 words in total, not including the comments you are discussing. (500 words)
b) Reflect on the experience of participating in online discussions including the tool used. Are there any lessons learnt you will take forward to your own teaching? Again refer to the literature where relevant. (500 words)
c) Summative assessment of discussion boards is difficult. Reflect on your experience of the method used here (i.e. reflecting on self-selected comments in Part a) above).
• Was it successful to you as a learner?
• Critique the different methods of assessing online discussions i.e. the quality versus the quantity of the posts, versus the students reflecting on selected posts. For example, Bloom's taxonomy could be used to analyse the quality of the posts or quantitative analysis could be used to count how many times a student posts/responds to other students' posts. Discuss the pros and cons of each method with reference to the literature and the viewpoint of the student, tutor and the marker.
• What will you take forward to your own teaching?
Again refer to the literature where relevant. (500 words)
Part 2: Developing a technology-enhanced solution: (word count 2500 +/- 10%)
Identify a problem / issue related to your own educational context. Develop an original and creative response to this, implementing good technology-enhanced design processes.
In your formative assignment you were asked to identify a problem from your educational role and started to design a technology-enhanced solution.
For the summative you should write a critical reflection of your solution using the questions from the formative to inform your report. You should include a description of your design as an appendix; this might be in the form of a diagram, a Powerpoint of what you plan, or screenshots of your prototype.
Your report should show evidence of critical evaluation of current trends in eLearning from different stakeholder-perspectives and of the tool you have chosen for your solution. It should also show an understanding of the wider issues surrounding the use of technology in learning and teaching, e.g. accessibility, legalities, reusability and sustainability.

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