Technologies in Context: A Bibliography and Index to the works of David E. Nye

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    David E. Nye received the Leonardo da Vinci Medal in 2005 for his life's work from the Society for the History of Technology. His writings focus on technology in American culture. This index covers 14 books, 38 journal articles, and 63 book contributions, or roughly 5,500 pages, published between 1974 and May 2021. The bibliography also includes: 8 edited scholarly books (c. 2,000 pages), 7 textbooks (c. 1,200 pages), 6 books translated into other languages, 8 encyclopedia articles, 66 book reviews, teaching materials, interviews, minor works that are difficult to obtain, and non-academic writings. The bibliography provides more details and better organization than one can get from search engines such as Google, which often present misleading or incomplete references and point to only one or two publications, and not necessarily the most important ones. The index is more complete. For example, it lists more than 30 sub-headings under automobile, pollution, or tourism, and more than 50 under city, General Electric, photography, railroad, or technology. There are also headings for theoretical topics treated in many of these works, such as aesthetics, determinism, landscape, narrative, nature, second creation, social construction of reality, space, technological momentum, and unintended consequences.
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