System for sorting microscopic objects using electromagnetic radiation

Publikation: Patent

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There is presented a system 10,100 for sorting microscopic objects 76, 78, 80, where the system comprises a fluid channel 66 with an inlet 68 and an outlet 70, where the fluid channel is arranged for allowing the fluid flow to be laminar. The system furthermore comprises a detection system 52 which enables detecting microscopic objects in the fluid channel and furthermore enables determining their position. The system furthermore comprises a controller 67, such as a computer, which receives the positions and accordingly controls a source of light beams so as to "shoot" light beams towards selected microscopic objects so as to "push" them into a new position. The system thereby enables sorting the selected microscopic objects. In more specific embodiments, the detection system furthermore assigns different categories to different microscopic objects, so as to enable sorting based on multiple categories.
IPCG01N15/00; G02B21/32; G21K1/00
StatusUdgivet - 2013
Udgivet eksterntJa


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