Symposium (in SIG 5: Dialogic Teaching and Learning): Professional Development for Dialogic Education

Tina Høegh, Marta Gràcia , Atle Skaftun

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The symposium presents xxx projects targeting professional development towards dialogic education. As described in the ARLE SIG Dialogic Teaching and Learning preliminary objectives: “A shift from transmission to interpretation in teaching is necessary if we are to succeed in making any substantial change in the social organisation of classrooms and schools – i.e., the social practices of schools, classrooms and disciplines that determine the conditions for student participation”. The symposium takes its outset in the experiences and research through 40-50 years that this change for teachers and educators is very difficult. A dialogic approach calls for new knowledge and practices for the teacher to widen the awareness of the dialogic possibilities and vary the dialogic forms to a greater extent in classroom conversations. This calls for focus and collaboration. Practices lies mentally, culturally, and bodily in us and between us in our everyday life, and teachers who want to change the classroom dialogues needs support for a longer time, i.e., collaborate supervision from researchers, colleagues, and support from their school.
In the symposium, we want to discuss different projects that approach the dialogic changes as collaborate interventions among teachers, students, researchers, and schools to explore examples of which circumstances and interventions are needed and how and why they succeed according to their different goals and in their different scales of intervention, i.e., from micro scale in short teaching sequences and as meso and macro scale as teacher team collaboration and school development (maybe even in municipality-scale and for development of curricular changes).
The symposium consists of three paper presentations (15-minutes), a response from the invited discussant (5 minutes) and a discussion among all the symposium participants.

Organizer Tina Høegh
Speakers Marta Gracia, Atle Skaftun, Tina Høegh
Discussant Inga Harren
Publikationsdato17. jun. 2022
StatusUdgivet - 17. jun. 2022
BegivenhedARLE 2022 - University of Cyprus, Nicosia, Cypern
Varighed: 15. jun. 202217. jun. 2022


KonferenceARLE 2022
LokationUniversity of Cyprus