Student engagement in online teaching: Exploration of how the use of Breakout Rooms and Poll Everywhere can have a positive impact on student engagement and participation during online lectures (via Zoom).

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My exploration has unveiled general learnings and tools that can be implemented/sustained in both the virtual and physical classroom.

I plan to share my findings/learnings in relation to the following questions:
- What are some of the “barriers” that deters some students from engaging and actively participating in online lectures? E.g. ask and reply to questions or share reflections.
- What activities are suitable for “breakout sessions”, and how should these sessions be structured and facilitated?
- How can Poll Everywhere be utilized as a platform to both initiate discussions and to share and collect responses?

According to you and the students, what was the impact of the teaching and learning activity on student learning/engagement?
The combined use of Breakout Rooms and Poll Everywhere has a perceived positive impact on the student engagement during online lectures.

Qualitative feedback from students suggest that:
- Breakout Rooms are suitable for discussions and reflections in smaller groups as they create an informal environment where they can share thoughts and reflections. However, teachers must be mindful and strategic about the use of “Breakout Sessions”, and the activities must be adapted and planned with a clear purpose and suitable timeframe.
- Poll Everywhere is a versatile tool which motivates and activates students during online teaching. Students quickly accept and understand the tool which creates an informal (possibly anonymous) communication channel which perceivably lowers the “barriers” for active participation.
StatusUdgivet - 2021
BegivenhedTeaching for Active Learning TAL 2021 - Syddansk Universitet, Odense, Danmark
Varighed: 11. nov. 202111. nov. 2021


KonferenceTeaching for Active Learning TAL 2021
LokationSyddansk Universitet