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Safewards is an evidence-based conflict resolution model. The model indicate,
that there is a set of conflicting factors, which can give rise to specific flash points that can
cause a conflict. When staff know those flash points, staff can influence the extent of conflicts
and management of those in the section. The model is derived from Len Bowers (Bowers, 2014;
Bowers et al., 2014) research and from the research efforts of many others around the world,
about how to reduce conflicts and containment such as physical and mechanical restraints. The
model includes 10 simple and practical interventions, which together provides ideas for how
conflicts can firstly be prevented and secondly managed in the psychiatric wards. The purpose
of the interventions is to improve the relationship between staff and patients and to create safe
and peaceful environments. The introduction of Safewards in UK, has had great influence on
the incidence of violence and coercion in general acute psychiatric units in London and
elsewhere in England. The Safewards model have recently been translated to Finish, Dutch,
French, German, Turkish and Danish.
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StatusUdgivet - 2016