Reporting colon cancer staging using a template

Malene Roland V. Pedersen*, Claus Dam, Martina Loft, Søren R. Rafaelsen

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Purpose: The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effect of completeness of the radiological reports in primary local staging colon cancer when using a template. Methods: The study used primary staging reports retrieved from the departments RIS/PACS. Five key tumour descriptors were evaluated within each report: tumour morphology (polypoid or annular), information on tumour breach of the colon wall (≥ T3), tumour out-growth in mm, nodal status and TNM in conclusion. The failure to provide a description of the presence or absence of a feature in a report counted as ‘not reported’. To allow comparisons between reporting styles, the template or free-text style of reporting was also recorded. Results: During a two year period, a total of 666 patients CT reports were evaluated at the colorectal center multidisciplinary team (MDT) conference. In 200 of these reports a template was used. Information on tumour morphology (polypoid or annular) was present in 81% of the template reports vs 9% in free-text style. The figures in percentage for information on tumour breach of the colon wall (≥ T3) were 93% vs 48 %, tumour out-growth in mm: 51% vs 17%, nodal status: 99% vs 86% and TNM in conclusion: 98% vs 51%. P < 0.0001. Conclusion: The present study provides additional support for the routine use of template reports to improve imaging reporting standards in colonic cancer.

TidsskriftEuropean Journal of Radiology Open
Antal sider3
StatusUdgivet - 2020


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