Report on Criteria for Endocrine Disrupters

Publikation: Kapitel i bog/rapport/konference-proceedingBidrag til rapportForskning


This report has been prepared by the Danish Centre on Endocrine Disrupters as a project contracted by the Danish Environmental Protection Agency. The Danish Centre on Endocrine Disrupters is an interdisciplinary scientific network without walls. The main purpose of the Centre is to build and gather new knowledge on endocrine disrupters with the focus on providing information requested for the preventive work of the regulatory authorities. The Centre is financed by the Ministry of the Environment and the scientific work programme is followed by an international scientific advisory board.
The overall aim of this project is to provide a science based proposal for criteria for endocrine disrupters. The terms of reference for the project specify elements to be included and/or addressed when developing the criteria (Annex 1). Also, several international reports and papers dealing with assessment of endocrine disrupters were provided by the Danish Environmental Protection Agency as background information for the project (Annex 2).
TitelEstablishment of Criteria for Endocrine Disruptors and Options for Regulation
Antal sider67
Publikationsdato17. maj 2011
Sider13 - 79
StatusUdgivet - 17. maj 2011


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