Regulations on animal manure management

Sven G. Sommer, Oene Oenema, Teruro Matsunaka, Lars S. Jensen

Publikation: Kapitel i bog/rapport/konference-proceedingKapitel i bogForskningpeer review


The agglomeration of intensive and large animal production systems in various regions of the world has resulted in regional surpluses of animal manure. As a consequence, manures are not considered a valuable nutrient and organic matter resource, but a waste product. Inappropriate manure management causes significant pollution of the local environment and may be the source of diseases. In response, governments, especially of rich countries, have produced various regulations for the proper storage, treatment, handling and application of animal manures to crop land. This chapter summarises the pollution risks related to manure management, and the government regulations and incentives introduced to reduce this pollution.
TitelAnimal Manure Recycling : Treatment and Management
RedaktørerSven G. Sommer, Moren L. Christensen, Thomas Schmidt, Lars S. Jensen
Udgivelses stedEngland
Publikationsdato19. jul. 2013
ISBN (Trykt)9781118488539
ISBN (Elektronisk)9781118676677
StatusUdgivet - 19. jul. 2013

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