RecyGlide: A Forearm-worn Multi-modal Haptic Display aimed to Improve User VR Immersion

Juan Heredia*, Jonathan Tirado, Vladislav Panov, Miguel Altamirano, Youcef Kamal-Toumi, Dzmitry Tsetserukou


Publikation: Working paperForskningpeer review

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Haptic devices have been employed to immerse users in VR environments. In particular, hand and finger haptic devices have been deeply developed. However, this type of device occlude the hand detection by some tracking systems, or in other tracking systems, it is uncomfortable for the users to wear two-hand devices (haptic and tracking device). We introduce RecyGlide, which is a novel wearable forearm multimodal display at the forearm. The RecyGlide is composed of inverted five-bar linkages and vibration motors. The device provides multimodal tactile feedback such as slippage, a force vector, pressure, and vibration. We tested the discrimination ability of monomodal and multimodal stimuli patterns in the forearm and confirmed that the multimodal stimuli patterns are more recognizable. This haptic device was used in VR applications, and we proved that it enhances VR experience and makes it more interactive.
StatusUdgivet - 13. nov. 2019
Udgivet eksterntJa

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ACM VRST 2019 Conference


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