Patho-Epistemology: an investigation of contemporary lifestyle norms through type 2 diabetes self-care practices and techniques of life

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Inspired by Michel Foucault and the French philosopher of medicine, Georges Canguilhem, the epistemological potential of disease is explored. The primary purpose of the dissertation is to expound upon and argue for this ‘patho-epistemological’ strategy, to elaborate and develop it as a methodology, and not least to apply it as a method. This is done by investigating the self-care practices of type 2 diabetics, as well as the educational practices that, in this respect, become a catalyst for understanding contemporary health and lifestyle norms. Particularly the experimental practices of the diabetics, as well as the tension between awareness and unawareness regarding the risk of future complications, receive attention. The particular and intensified self-care practices of the diabetics constitute a point of view for us to see how we manage our daily lives vis-à-vis the risk of lifestyle diseases.
  • Larsen, Kristian, Hovedvejleder, Ekstern person
  • Rose , Nikolas, Vejleder, Ekstern person
  • Kristensen, Jens Erik, Bivejleder, Ekstern person
ISBN'er, trykt9788776849917
StatusUdgivet - 2012
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