Partnerships in Health Research. A Protocol for an Institutional Ethnography

Anne Therese Karlsson*, Mette Juel Rothmann, Marjolijn Ketelaar, Astrid Janssens


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Study Information
Research Aims
To understand and map the relational processes and group dynamics under which partnerships in research take place at a Danish hospital. Researchers work under both conscious and unconscious structural arenas that influence their working day and their ability to involve patients and relatives in research partnerships. Patients and relatives enter these arenas as outsiders as well as also being part of the Danish health care system as a wider arena. It is important to understand the experiences of all parties involved in order to investigate how meaningful partnerships in the context of Danish health research can evolve and how patients and relatives can establish legitimacy within these partnerships.

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Research question(s)
Problematic for further investigation:
Certain practices influence patient- and relative involvement in health research in a local context. How are these practices experienced by patients, relatives and researchers? The investigation will focus on development of relationships within these practices, on how patients and relatives experience legitimacy and on how patients, relatives and researchers are able to establish shared knowledge and mutual benefit.

Anticipated Duration
03/2022 - 09-2023
Publikationsdato17. mar. 2022
UdgiverThe Open Science Framework
Antal sider4
StatusUdgivet - 17. mar. 2022


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