Part II: Market selection at Magic Juice: Reference 322-0243-1B

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This is part of a case series. Magic Juice is a fictitious chain of juice stores headquartered in the Netherlands that faces several strategic challenges in international and cross-cultural management. These were developed as an integrative case study that accompanies the ten chapters of Richter/Strandskov/Hauff/Taras (2022): International business strategy and cross-cultural management: an applied approach, Edward Elgar. The textbook can but does not have to be used with the case. The challenges follow a timeline of events and strategic opportunities that Magic Juice faces throughout its international expansion. The case compilation involves, first, ten individual case challenges that can be used in a step-by-step fashion: I) Firm history and background to familiarize students with the business model and its opportunities for internationalization, II) International market selection, III) Entry mode selection, IV) Evaluation of partnering modes (joint venture, strategic alliance, M&A), V) Segmentation, targeting and positioning as well as performance assessment, VI) Global value chain strategies, VII) Organizational structure and integration of two partners, VIII) Cross-cultural management, IX) Global leadership and motivation, X) International human resource management. You do not have to follow the step-by-step process; you can also create your own combinations of case challenges. Second, there is a version of the case that combines several individual challenges to a more comprehensive case, which can be used in addition to the ten individual cases, as it refers to different challenges and similar challenges yet with reference to a different context. We recommend that you explore all parts of this case study and that you have a look at the accompanying textbook, which gathers a lot of relevant additional materials, such as videos, toolsets, a slide deck on its landing page.
Publikationsdatomaj 2022
UdgiverThe Case Centre
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StatusUdgivet - maj 2022


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