Nursing care for people with advanced lung diseases and their families: The effects of real-time telemedicine consultations between hospital-based nurses and severe COPD patients discharged after exacerbation admissions

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Introduction: Hospitalisation with acute exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (AECOPD) causes a major burden for the COPD patients and is a common cause for admissions and readmissions to medical wards.
Objectives: To investigate the effect of one week of daily real-time telemedicine video consultations (teleconsultation) between hospital-based nurses specialised in respiratory diseases (telenurses) and patients with severe COPD discharged after AECOPD in addition to conventional treatment compared to the effect of conventional treatment.
Methods: Patients admitted with AECOPD at two different locations were recruited at hospital discharge and randomly assigned (1:1) to either daily teleconsultation for one week in addition to conventional treatment, the TVC group or to conventional treatment, the CT group. The telemedicine equipment consisted of a briefcase with built-in computer including a web camera, microphone and measurement equipment.
Primary outcome: consisted of the total number of readmissions within 26 weeks after discharge.
Results: A total of 266 patients (mean age 71.5 years, SD 9.5 years) were allocated to either TVC (n=132) or CT (n=134). No significant difference was noted between the groups (p = 0.62).
Publikationsdato15. jun. 2013
StatusUdgivet - 15. jun. 2013
Begivenhed46th Nordic Lung Congress - Harpa, Reykjavik Concet and Conference Hall, Reykjavik, Island
Varighed: 13. jun. 201315. jun. 2013


Konference46th Nordic Lung Congress
LokationHarpa, Reykjavik Concet and Conference Hall


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