Negotiating succession in a family business - a role play: Exercise - Reference no. 417-0126-5

Sabine Pelzmann-Knafl, Ingo Winkler

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Negotiating succession is crucial for a family business. This role-play will enable students to simulate a family conference of the Mayer & Huber Ltd, a German-based but internationally operating producer of mechanical and electrical locking systems for the automotive industry. During the conference the succession of one of the two chairmen will be discussed and a decision ought to be made whether the son or the daughter should take over. The traditions of the rather patriarchic firm and the individual interests of the participants from both owner families will influence the decision. The role-play offers you the possibility to flexibly address various succession-related aspects in family business. It requires a teacher, who is familiar with the family business literature and particularly the research of succession in family business. Furthermore, because role-plays have their own dynamics, the teacher should be familiar with applying role-plays in their teaching. In the teaching notes we offer a way to embed the role-play in a five-hour teaching and learning activity addressing the various issues of succession in family firms. You could, however, do only the role-play, for instance within a course on family business. In this case you should set aside about two hours.
UdgiverThe Case Center
Antal sider4
StatusUdgivet - 2017


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