"Music and Meaning: Duets and Dialogues." http://www.aabenraa-lokal-tv.dk/wp/2010/02/15/3285/

Cynthia M. Grund (Udøver), William Westney (Udøver), Daniel Tosovic (Producent), Poul Olsen (Udvikler)

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During the week of February 1 - February 22, 2010, ALT-Aabenraa Lokal TV aired "Music and Meaning: Duets and Dialogues" with H.C. Andersen Guest Professorial Fellow William Westney and Cynthia M. Grund, Research Director for The Aesthetics of Music and Sound (AMS). This program includes interviews with Westney and Grund, gives an overview of the activities of AMS, tells the story behind William Westney's connection with the Institute of Philosophy, Education and the Study of Religions at The University of Southern Denmark (SDU), and includes clips from the conference held at SDU-Odense on November 6, 2009: Art and/or Entertainment? The Fifth Anniversary Conference on Philosophy and Popular Culture.
Publikationsdato15. feb. 2010
StatusUdgivet - 15. feb. 2010

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Udgivelsesmedie: Lokal TV


  • Music, meaning, performance, popular culture, art v. entertainment

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