Modelling and Experimental Verification of a DEAP based 2-D rotational positioner

Yosef Iskandarani, Arne Bilberg, Rahimullah Sarban

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A feasibility study into the appropriateness of using a laminated dielectric electro active polymer (DEAP) film, called PolyPowerTM, for two dimensional rotational positioning is reviewed in this work. The maximum strain in the film is limited to 50 % and the maximum applied voltage is currently limited to 3000 V. This work will examine the ability of positioning a shaft coupled to a laser beam pointer in x-y direction which will provide insight into (a) the practicality of using the material for two dimensional rotational positioning and (b) to highlight feasible positioning applications.
A test setup was designed and a series of experiments carried out to investigate two dimensional rotational positioning using DEAP material. The initial mechanical strain level for the actuators was 15 % operating at a maximum applied voltage of 2.5 kV with five different levels of applied voltage to each of the active actuators with 0.5 kV steps. For each, of the testing combinations the angle target was determined and results compared with the model of the two dimensional positioner. The feedback of positioner was not addressed in this work; through the relevant control theory which will be implemented in the future work will be discussed.

Publikationsdato1. jun. 2010
Antal sider4
StatusUdgivet - 1. jun. 2010
BegivenhedActuator 2010 Conference - Bremen, Tyskland
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KonferenceActuator 2010 Conference
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