Introduction More than 10% of the population worldwide
is affected by chronic kidney disease (CKD). Despite
many promising indications regarding the use of mHealth
education for patients with CKD, there is still little evidence
regarding the feasibility, effectiveness outcomes and
outcome measures. Therefore, we will conduct a scoping
review to examine the currently available evidence on
mHealth education for patients with CKD and, thus, explore
the existing evidence regarding feasibility, effectiveness
outcomes and outcome measures, patient and/or provider
perception and implementation challenges.
Methods and analysis A scoping review will be
conducted in accordance with Joanna Briggs Institute
Manual for Evidence Synthesis chapter on scoping
MEDLINE, Embase, CINAHL and PsycINFO will be searched.
The search strategy will consist of blocks, which have
been adopted and modified from former Cochrane
reviews. Two independent reviewers will screen studies.
Characteristics of the included studies, both quantitative
and qualitative, will be reported using quantitative
descriptive statistics. Quantitative results will be grouped
by objectives (feasibility, effectiveness outcomes and
outcome measures, patient perception and implementation
challenges), types of intervention and characteristics of
participants. Qualitative results will be organised into
categories using an iterative process, as suggested by
Pollock et al.
Ethics and dissemination As this scoping review does
not involve primary data collection, ethical permission
is unnecessary. Results of the scoping review will be
published in an international peer-reviewed scientific
Trial registration number Open Science Framework
TidsskriftBMJ Open
Udgave nummer7
Antal sider5
StatusUdgivet - 18. jul. 2022


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