Metoder til aktiverende læring i laboratorier

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This project relates to a competence development project that I have conducted for teaching staff responsible for laboratory teaching at SDU, Health science. Module one (3*3,5 H). The participants were animal laboratory staff (approx. 15 -18 participants). Module two (3*3,5 H) will be conducted in autumn 2016.

The learning goals for the course
• Knowledge: being able to build arguments for choosing a specific method for and setup of the laboratory exercises
• Skills: being able to choose, carry out and evaluate teaching and learning activities
• Competences: being able to choose and give reasons for learning set ups in the laboratory and to supervise colleagues teaching lab exercises.

Participants try out different set ups in the lab of selected exercises that they teach. Their peers act as students and observers in the different situations. The setups are illustrations of, for instance, different teacher roles and learning situations. Discussions before and after the teaching exercises include themes like the roles of the teachers, the students´ role, how to use specific teaching materials, the role of the introduction to exercises, the different phases of exercises, learning theories like co-creation and scaffolding, challenging students at different taxonomic levels, typologies of students, students’ expectations, student’s professional development etc.

This general approach that brings together the learning taxonomy for students’ skill learning, the methodological approach and the laboratory framework can be applied to especially health education, engineering and natural science education.
Publikationsdato1. nov. 2016
StatusUdgivet - 1. nov. 2016