Method of Manufacturing a composite component

Raphael Geiger (Opfinder), Marco Anderer (Opfinder)

Publikation: Patent


The invention relates to a method of manufacturing a composite component comprising resin and reinforcing fibres (1) by use of a holding tool part (3) having at least one fibre holder (4) arranged at or near a circumference of the holding tool part for holding the fibres (1) during manufacturing. In some embodiments, each fibre holder is connected to a mass member (5), which is radially movably arranged in relation to the holding tool part. The fibres (1) are arranged in the holding tool part (3) in engagement with the at least one fibre holder (4) and in a mould cavity (7). The fibres are tensioned by rotating the holding tool part while the resin cures with a speed high enough to make the at least one mass member move outwards due to the rotational forces. In other embodiments, the fibres are tensioned by use of radially outwards movable tensioning members (10). It may be possible to apply vacuum to the resin as part of the process.
PatentnummerEP3569393 (A1)
StatusUdgivet - 20. nov. 2019


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