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Introduction: The Quality of Recovery (QoR-15) score evaluates patient's recovery after surgery and anesthesia. There is a lack of studies focusing on the patients' quality of recovery in the early post-discharge phase after elective lumbar spine surgery. Research question: We aimed to identify the QoR-15 score in patients who underwent surgery for degenerative low back conditions. Furthermore, we aimed to identify the individual items of the QoR-15 that are crucial for the patients’ quality of recovery. Material and methods: The study was conducted at a spine center in Denmark from December 2021 to September 2022. Data were collected, using a mobile health application, preoperatively and at 3 time points after hospital discharge. Descriptive analysis followed by within-subjects longitudinal repeated measures was conducted. The individual items of the QoR-15 score were explored using a heatmap. Results: Data from 46 patients were analysed. The mean QoR-15 sum score at baseline was 105.4 ± 18.3. The mean QoR-15 sum scores were 108.1 ± 19.2 on post-discharge day 1, 118.5 ± 17.4 on day 7, and 120.7 ± 20.9 on day 14. The mean QoR-15 score from day 1 to day 7 improved significantly. Eight of the 15 items influenced the overall QoR-15 score. Discussion and conclusion: This study applied the QoR-15 score in lumbar spine surgery patients. We identified specific items from the QoR-15 scale that are crucial to improving patients’ recovery after hospital discharge. Further research is needed to identify specific needs in the post-discharge period in this group of patients.

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StatusUdgivet - feb. 2024

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