Material Imagination: Schematization as a Matrix for Experience through Design

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    As a mass medium of modern culture, design sets the frame for human imaginative interaction with the world. In its many appearances, design can be seen as kind of material imagination where concepts and sensual appearances meet in different constellations. In this process something is made present what before was non-existing. Taking a starting point in the Kantian notion of schematization, which can be seen as the ability to construct meaning through synthesis in the process of human imagination, I take two steps in the article. First, I propose how the creation of design solutions can be seen as the product of a series of constructive factors related to schematization. Second, I discuss in two examples of design, how these factors operate and how the process of imagination is conditioned by the specific materiality of the design.
    Udgave nummer4
    Sider (fra-til)46-54
    StatusUdgivet - 2018