Marketing Management: A Relationship Approach

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The book is structured around the two main steps involved in marketing management – that is, the decision-making process regarding formulating, implementing and controlling a marketing plan:

Step 1: Analysis of the internal and external situation (Parts I and II)
Step 2: Planning and implementation of marketing activities (Parts III, IV and V).

The schematic outline of the book in figure 1 shows how the two main steps are divided into five parts. The book has a clear structure according to the marketing planning process of the firm. Based on an analysis of the competitive advantages of the firm (Part I) and the analysis of the external situation (Part II), the firm is able to develop marketing strategies (Part III) and marketing programmes (Part IV). Finally, the firm has to implement and control its activity in the market and, if necessary, make changes in the marketing strategy (Part V). Throughout the book this marketing planning process is seen in a relationship approach, as a supplement to the transactional approach.
ForlagPearson Education
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ISBN (Trykt)9781292291444
ISBN (Elektronisk)9781292294186
StatusUdgivet - 20. jan. 2019


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