Low-carbon hydrogen, power and heat production based on steam methane reforming and chemical looping combustion

Ali Akbar Darabadi Zare, Mortaza Yari*, Hossein Nami, Farzad Mohammadkhani


Publikation: Bidrag til tidsskriftTidsskriftartikelForskningpeer review


Designing efficient distributed multi-generation systems with lower environmental impact seems to be necessary for future smart energy systems. In this work, an integrated energy system, including steam methane reforming, chemical looping combustion, gas turbine, water gas shift reactor, carbon storage, palladium membrane and organic Rankine cycle is investigated from the thermodynamic and economic aspects. The proposed system produces power, hydrogen and heat while benefiting from heat integration between steam methane reforming and chemical looping combustion. The system supplies 295.3 kW power, 40.3 kg/h hydrogen and 597 kW heating with a CO2 emission of 17.3 kg per GJ of products, while around 75 % of the generated CO2 is captured. The overall energy and exergy efficiencies are estimated to be 67 % and 52 %, respectively. Under the base conditions, the cost of produced power, cost of produced hydrogen and the total cost rate of the system is estimated to be 79.4 $/MWh, 2.85 $/kg and 298.6 $/hr, respectively. Furthermore, sensitivity analysis revealed that increasing the reforming temperature increases the energy and exergy efficiencies while reducing the system's total cost.
TidsskriftEnergy Conversion and Management
Antal sider15
StatusUdgivet - 1. mar. 2023


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