AIM: To achieve an in-depth understanding of the challenges associated with diabetes management when having both schizophrenia and type 2 diabetes, while also identifying the needs for improved diabetes self-care.

DESIGN: The study employed a qualitative explorative design utilizing a phenomenological-hermeneutic inspired approach, involving field observations and individual semistructured interviews.

METHODS: Data were collected during 2020-2021 through 17 field observations of outpatient consultations and 13 individual semistructured interviews. Data, including field notes and verbatim transcribed interviews, underwent analysis following Ricoeur's interpretive philosophy, encompassing three levels: naïve reading, structural analysis and critical interpretation and discussion. This study adheres to the COREQ guidelines for qualitative research.

RESULTS: Three key themes emerged: 'Diabetes when life is noisy', 'Sacrifices and compromises in life' and 'The double silence'. Everyday life is significantly affected when having both schizophrenia and T2D. The mental health state dominates in relation to diabetes self-care and individuals experience challenges balancing between the two conditions. However, there exists a general acknowledgement for diabetes and its long-term complications as a serious medical condition demanding careful attention and treatment.

CONCLUSION: Self-managing two such complex conditions can be overwhelming and make it difficult for the individual to differentiate symptoms and prioritize diabetes care. Moreover, the existing fragmentation within healthcare systems poses communication challenges, resulting in disjointed patient pathways.

IMPLICATIONS FOR PATIENT CARE: The study emphasizes the need for a holistic re that addresses the physical, emotional and social challenges. There is also a need for increased awareness and education among informal caregivers and healthcare professionals to foster better understanding and support.

TidsskriftJournal of Clinical Nursing
Udgave nummer5
Sider (fra-til)1862-1874
StatusUdgivet - maj 2024


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