Learning in Lockdown

James Rogers (Udøver)

Publikation: Bidrag der ikke har en tekstformLyd- og/eller billedproduktion (digital)Undervisningpeer review


Over the covid-19 lockdown period, Dr James Rogers worked with history teachers and academics to keep the learning going in lockdown. He now has a fantastic range of videos and podcasts available. All content is free to access and is explicitly designed to help teachers and students undertake A-Level and GCSE history revision.

Podcast - Slavery and Emancipation in the United States, with Dr Cathrine Armstrong.

Podcast - The History of Terrorism - The IRA, with Professor Caroline Kennedy-Pipe.

Video - The Rise of Hitler - Hitler, Power, and War, with Ms Laurie Matthews.

Video - The Home Front in WW2 - The Butterfly Bombing of Grimsby, with Dr James Rogers.
StatusUdgivet - 2020


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