Learning and Teaching in Medical Education

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Part A: (1500 words)
For this part of the assignment you need to discuss two core educational theories that would drive your teaching and encourage students to learn. For each theory, develop one key principle that you can directly apply to your teaching practice. Provide one separate example of how you could implement each principle in your practice. Finally, critically reflect on the benefits and limitations to you and your learners. You should use and cite appropriately the literature both from and beyond the course reading material.
It is highly recommended that your first theory and principle are from your formative assignment, and that you engage with the comments where you see appropriate to revise this, adding another theory and principle in the same style.
Part B: (1500 words)
For this part of the assignment, you will need to develop a lesson plan on a topic of your choosing within your own discipline area. The assignment should include a lesson plan based on Gagne’s events of instruction, using the template (see template on P4. of the cover sheet word document) as an appendix. (This appendix is not part of the word count.)
Write a critically reflective essay. Include a general description of the topic and consider the various components that make up the topic. Indicate whether any of these components are pre-requisites for your session. Explain your choice for activity / activities for each event in the template, with advice on minimising potential problems within the session. Substantiate all your arguments with reference to theory.
Part C: (1000 words)
This part of the assignment should look back at the whole module and address your development as a teacher using Gibbs’ reflective cycle in a reflective essay. Within this essay you should demonstrate understanding of the relevant learning outcomes. Additionally, you should refer back to educational theory and literature to support your reflection.
Overall word count: 4000 +/- 10%
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StatusUdgivet - 7. apr. 2018

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