Kommercielle sportsklubber: Følelser eller forretning?

Rasmus K. Storm

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Title: Professional Team Sports Clubs: Emotional Attachments or a profitable business? (Danish title: Kommercielle sportsklubber - følelser eller forretning?)

The peculiar logics of professional team sports have puzzled economists for years. In their classic papers on the specificity of sports business, Rottenberg (1956), Neale (1964), Davenport (1969) and Sloane (1971; 1980) took the first steps towards what has become a distinct, established discipline of sports economics. Since then, academic knowledge of the sport business sector has been continuously refined. However, contemporary scholars examining professional team sports have failed to develop a satisfying understanding of the emotional aspects of the sector and their effects on club ‘profitability’.

To address some of these aspects, this thesis deals with the commercialization of Danish football, Danish team handball and European soccer, focusing in particular on Danish professional team sports clubs (PTSCs).

Drawing on an argument from systems theory (Luhmann) which suggests that sport serves as a mirror system in (late-) modern society, several improvements are suggested in order to develop a consistent theoretical perspective capable of explaining the paradox that seems to be a fundamental and distinctive trait of the sector: Why do European professional team sports clubs chronically operate on the brink of insolvency without going out of business? Why is the survival rate of PTSCs so high when they perpetually generate losses?

The answers – laid out in a model of PTSC characteristics – are given by pointing to the fundamental emotional side of the mirror function that finds its material representation in organizational systems such as a professional team sports club.
  • Ibsen, Bjarne, Hovedvejleder
  • Nielsen, Klaus, Bivejleder, Ekstern person
StatusUdgivet - 21. nov. 2013


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