Ion fragmentation by reaction with excited neutral particles

Zubarev Roman (Opfinder), Misharin Alexander (Opfinder), Silivra Oleg (Opfinder), Kjeldsen Frank (Opfinder), Holle Armin (Opfinder)

Publikation: Patent


A method for the fragmentation of analyte ions 6 comprises causing the analyte ions 6 to react with excited or radical neutral particles 8. In the case of bombardment of analyte ions with helium atoms from an FAB generator (9-14), a new type of fragmentation occurs which strongly resembles fragmentation by electron capture (ECD). The reactions may be performed in magnetic ion traps (ion cyclotron resonance cells, ICR), in RF ion traps according to Wolfgang Paul, in RF ion guides, or in free beams of analyte ions or neutral particles. In an another embodiment the invention comprises a mass spectrometer which utilise the above fragmentation technique.

IPCH01J 49/ 42 A I
StatusUdgivet - 30. aug. 2006

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