International Maritime Health Promotion Programme 2007-12: Prevention of Non-Communicable Diseases (NCD) and un-fitness at Sea

Olaf Chresten Jensen, Maria Manuela Rodriguez, Maria Luisa Canals

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Prevention of diabetes-2, cardio-vascular diseases, cancer and overweight is needed in general and in seafaring as well. The diseases are related to three main causal factors: diet, physical activity and smoking. Seafarers have their daily life on board and health promotion is a natural part of the occupational health for seafarers.

WHO use the concept of a high-risk strategy and a population strategy for prevention of Non-Communicable Diseases (NCD). Speaking about intervention studies, related to the population strategy, there are few if any studies with known long-term health effect. Change of the pattern of risk factors in the population strategy, however, have been shown in a Finnish study. In addition, the SHIP project international relates to the population strategy. Though no direct health effect can be measured, the program has been successfully performed.

The effects of the high-risk intervention-strategy, however is more convincing and based on the existing evidence, we propose that an international program should use both strategies.

The idea here is to create an international health promotion program in seafaring. The participating countries should contribute with their specific projects. In Spain, for example, a 20-year long retrospective prevalence study of body mass index will be performed and there are more descriptive and intervention studies in other countries.

The aim to gather all efforts with identical objectives under one umbrella program. Such an international program can facilitate the initiation of new projects and promote funding. The results of the different studies will be distributed and used in seafaring worldwide.

The objective of the workshop is to present and systematize some existing project plans and to establish an IMHA scientific working group to take some further initiatives.



1.  Definition of the areas included in NCD-health promotion

2.  Presentations of some projects - short

3.  Systematizing projects: Type: descriptive-causal-intervention /country/study population / objectives/expected effect/ time shedule-start-end/budget/financiation/contact person

4.  Scheme - filling out

5.  Application for funding

6.  Creation of a scientific group in IMHA for health promotion

Antal sider1
StatusUdgivet - 2007
Begivenhed9th International Symposium on Maritime Health: Equity in Maritime Health and Safety; Development through research, cooperation and education - Hotel Manila, Esbjerg, Danmark
Varighed: 3. jun. 20076. jun. 2007
Konferencens nummer: 9


Konference9th International Symposium on Maritime Health
LokationHotel Manila
AndetSeafarers and Fishermen, Hospital contacts


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