Intercultural Education through Physical Activity, Coaching, and Training (EDU-PACT)

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Research into intercultural education indicates that:
1) many teachers and coaches don’t have sufficient professional competencies to perform intercultural education through sport;
2) initial teacher and trainer education (pre-service) and continuing professional development (in- service) neither provides them with the necessary knowledge, nor covers practices, skills, competences and appropriate models of the everyday reality in classrooms and training sessions, respectively, due to a lack of consistent guidelines and didactical concepts.

EDU-PACT is an Erasmus+ funded project aiming at improving the quality of pre-service and in-service education strengthening the professional profile of both sport related teaching, professions preparing teachers and coaches for inclusive intercultural education in and through Physical Activity (PA) and sport.

A rapid evidence analysis was conducted to scope the scientific literature and obtain knowledge about the field. The analysis formed the basis for a need-analysis template to be fulfilled by each participating project partner.

Each project partner conducted a national need-analysis to identify existing knowledge and wishes related to intercultural learning through PA and sport – from an academic perspective, PE teacher perspective and sports coach perspective. This information was obtained by interviews and/or focus groups with relevant stakeholders.

Findings from each project partner was put together in a combined needs-analysis and findings in the combined needs-analysis formed the basis for the development of a module related to intercultural learning containing of four module units.

The initial outlines of each module unit is presented below:

Unit 1: Understanding yourself.
Content related to: Self-Confidence, Self-Awareness and Adaptability.

Unit 2: Understanding others.
Content related to: Communication, Cooperation, Leadership, Respect, Tolerance and Empathy.

Unit 3: Planning and delivering sessions.
Content related to: Critical Thinking, Decision Making, Problem Solving, Organizing and Managing.

Unit 4: Reflection and evaluation.
Content related to: Teaching, Reflecting, Monitoring, Reviewing Intercultural Learning Approaches and Strategies.

The modules will be available as an online tool to be used in various settings – however, primarily targeting PE teachers and sports coaches. For PE teachers or sports coaches working with children and youth with diverse ethnical backgrounds, the modules will help improve the intercultural education through PA and sports.
StatusUdgivet - 2020
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KonferenceISBNPA conference 2020
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