Intercultural Education through Physical Activity, Coaching, and Training (EDU-PACT)

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Background and purpose
Although in most European counties, physical education (PE) teachers/sports coaches teach culturally and ethnically heterogeneous classes of pupils/athletes, they have not been well prepared for this task of intercultural education through sport.

The Erasmus+ funded EDU-PACT project therefore aims at improving inclusive intercultural education in and through PE and sport by producing modules to strengthen the professional profile of PE teachers/sport coaches. This because PE and sports can be used as a mediator for inclusion and citizenship by learning and practicing skills like self-discipline, confidence, caring, tolerance, cooperation and respect.

A rapid evidence analysis (REA) was conducted to scope the literature and obtain knowledge about competencies needed by the PE teachers/sports coaches to ensure the above stated outcomes.

Based on the REA, a needs-analysis assessment (NAA) was conducted to obtain practical knowledge on intercultural learning through physical activity and sport – from an academic-, PE teacher- and sports coach perspective. This knowledge was collected using interviews.

The REA/NAA formed the basis for identifying key competencies of PE teachers/sports coaches in order to improve inclusive intercultural education in and through PE and sport.

Both human as well as practical competencies is needed to ensure the outcomes of intercultural learning through PE/sports. For example, empathy, communication skills, conflict competences and soft skills like human encounter and attitudes is important. Also, the more practical preparation of PE/sports activities should be comprehensively though through: for example it is suggested, that the PE teacher arrange alternative sporting activities rather than typical sporting activities such as soccer during PE lessons.
Furthermore, PE teachers/sports coaches should have general knowledge on cultural differences and leadership.

Next project steps is starting producing modules containing results from the REA/NAA. These steps will also be presented during the AIESEP conference.
StatusUdgivet - 2019
Begivenhed2019 AIESEP International Conference - Adelphi University, New York, USA
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Konference2019 AIESEP International Conference
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