Iatrogenic bladder and ureteral injuries following gynecological and obstetric surgery

Ann-Sophie Jensen, Martin Rudnicki

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KEY MESSAGE: Ureteral injuries are often associated with complications and risk of fistula especially in case of malignancy. Length of catheterization should be reconsidered according to the injury.

PURPOSE: Iatrogenic urinary tract injuries are potential complications of gynecologic and obstetric surgery. Our aim was to describe suture type and size, length of urethral catheterization, length of hospitalization, reoperation rate, follow-up, and impact on quality of life following iatrogenic bladder and ureteral injury.

METHODS: In total, 81 women met inclusion criteria. Bladder injuries included 55 women, ureteral injuries in 23 women, and three women had bladder and ureteral injuries.

RESULTS: Most bladder injuries were managed by a two-layer suture followed by transurethral catheterization for 11.4 days (95% CI 9.1-13.6). The most frequent suture type was 3.0 Vicryl in all subgroups. In total, 30.4% of ureteral injuries were managed by neoimplantation followed by ureteral stenting for 38.0 days (95% CI 22.0-54.0) and transurethral catheterization for 16.9 days (95% CI 5.3-28.4), or by ureteral stenting for 46.7 days (95% CI 31.5-61.2) and transurethral catheterization for 6.25 days (95% CI 1.0-13.5). Altogether, 25 (30.9%) women underwent a reoperation mostly due to ureteral injury (68%). In total six women developed a fistula, of whom five had malignant surgery. Multiple linear regression showed a statistically significant increased median length of urethral catheterization when the duration of surgery increased.

CONCLUSIONS: Our study demonstrates a high reoperation rate, and a high fistula rate in case of malignancy. Length of catheterization was high even in case of benign surgery, however, only one woman developed a fistula in the benign group, suggesting a reduction in catheterization length.

TidsskriftArchives of Gynecology and Obstetrics
Udgave nummer2
Sider (fra-til)511-518
StatusUdgivet - feb. 2023

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