How words trace terms and other termniological information

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The paper describes a project dealing with Danish verbs as linguistic signals. The aim of the method applied is to extract term-related as well as concept-related terminological information from unstructured machine-readable corpora in Danish. The description of the verbs takes as its point of departure a valency theory called the Pronominal Approach. The verbs under scrunity are divided into three groups: metalinguistic term-related verbs, metalinguistic concept-related verbs, and finally relational verbs, of which verbs signalling hierarchical relations only are dealt with in my project. The overall goals of the project described have been to investigate  whether (1) the valency patterns of the verbs under scrutiny are suitable as lexical knowledge patterns for the identification and retrieval of terminological information such as definitions and synonyms, whether (2) the valency patterns, in their capacity of recurrent patterns, make it possible to perform more fine-grained searches, thus creating a more focussed approach than would have been possible using the bare forms of the verbs only, i.e. the base forms of verbs supplemented by wildcards if needed, and whether (3) a relation of proportionality exists between their valency patterns and the categories of terminological information. With the aim of making my results useful for terminological practice, I have created an inventory of the verbs scrutinized so far, based on my knowledge of the working processes traditionally applied in terminology. Thus the inventory  of the verbal knowledge patterns is grouped according to the terminological information categories and comprises the following three stages: creation of concept systems, creation of definitions, and choice of  preferred terms. As to the latter stage, a distinction between descriptive and normative terminology work is of vital importance. My approach has proved inadequate as far as normative terminology work is concerned, a theme which I shall deal with in the final part of my paper.  The need for a method of the kind described is particularly pressing for a small language like Danish because of the lack of adequate commercial language technology tools such as taggers and lemmatisers for Danish in order to support our search strategies in practical terminology work.
TitelTAMA Canada 2008
StatusUdgivet - 2009
BegivenhedTAMA 2008; Quality, standards and technology: terminology's future - Gatineau, Canada
Varighed: 9. okt. 200810. okt. 2008


KonferenceTAMA 2008; Quality, standards and technology: terminology's future


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  • vidensmønstre
  • verbers valens
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