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The PHILOSOPHY meets POPULAR CULTURE initiative has a history spanning at least 13 years here in Denmark (see the News column on the Docs & Pics-page) , a pulsating present (see the News column on the Home page for  this site) and an exciting future (again, see the News column on the entry page for  this site). Many people have been, are - and will be - involved in research and educational endeavors that explore 

  • how   thoughts  and  themes  from  the  history of philosophy  -  as well as  current  philosophical issues and concepts -  inform popular culture and are exemplifed and recontextualized within products of popular culture;
  • whether or  not  popular culture  itself raises issues of interest to philosophy, or, indeed, is itself a problem from the point of view of philosophy;
  • the   efficacy   of  products  of   popular  culture  as  a  means  for  teaching  philosophy  to  post-modern students, whose knowledge of various aspects of popular culture often is as encyclopedic as their classical liberal arts background is limited (some might say impoverished).


One goal of the PHILOSOPHY meets POPULAR CULTURE homepage (launched on October 7, 2008)  is to provide a forum for researchers, teachers and students who have a serious interest in the meeting of philosophy with popular culture. The framework language of the site is English, so that the exchange of ideas may include participants from outside Denmark and the Nordic area; one hallmark of much popular culture is its tendency to go global. Swatches of Danish are inevitable in the the texts of conference programss and the like, and it may be the case that blog categories will emerge dealing with very local Danish manifestations of popular culture which - as yet - are inaccesible to those who do not speak Danish.

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