Havens nødvendighed: "Deltagelse" og aktuelle strømninger i havekulturen

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This article presents the garden as an example of participation outside the institutions and the market, and it refers to participation as a community of productive and green activism. It is part of an on-going historical re-search in gardens as both physical places and literary topoi, and it is a primary proposal for a study of gardening as practice in present day culture. The starting point is the connection between the garden as a dream of paradise on earth and as a productive and creative practice, a special way of cultivating nature. The concept of “vita acti-va” – in Hannah Ahrendt’s interpretation (Ahrendt 1958) – is used to understand the concept of garden practice. The article introduces three cases. At first the landscape architect Stig L. Andersson, who is seen as a representa-tive of the professional approach, and next the two self-educated garden experts Søren Ryge Petersen and Signe Wenneberg, the first to represent the public service media, the latter the use of different types of media, including social media. The cases will be further illuminated in the future project to understand the crucial difference be-tween modern and classical garden culture.
TidsskriftAktuel Forskning
Udgave nummersærnummer December
Sider (fra-til)1-14
Antal sider14
StatusUdgivet - 4. dec. 2015

Bibliografisk note

Særnummer Deltagelse som transformation i kunst og kultur. Redigeret af
Anne Klara Bom & Anne Scott Sørensen.
NB: I indholdsoversigten er bidraget benævnt således: Karin Esmann Knudsen. Haven som deltagelsesrum: Aktuelle strømninger i havekulturen.