Flexible wearable materials having electronic functionality, and articles comprising such materials

Sabreen Thushara (Opfinder), Ville Mikkonen Jussi (Opfinder)

Publikation: Patent


Flexible wearable material 300 comprising one or more electrically conductive paths; a control unit comprising a processor; one or more sensors integrated into the wearable material and coupled to the processor, for providing measurement signals to the control unit; an electrical power supply for supplying electrical power to the one or more sensors by means of the one or more electrically-conductive paths; and one or more actuators coupled to and controlled by the control unit. The material may comprise knitted or woven fabric with electrically conductive yarn 10, or a flexible 3d printed material. The sensors may be chosen from pressure sensors; temperature sensors; biosensors; moisture sensors; accelerometers and inclinometers. The actuators may comprise one or more motors that can provide a massage or vibration function, or one or more heating elements. The material may be used to form an item of footwear, a sock, a tubular article for sheathing a limb, a boot, sock or pad for an animal’s hoof or paw, or a vehicle seat.

IPCA43B 23/ 04 A I
StatusUdgivet - 15. apr. 2020

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