Eye disorders, an underestimated side effect during treatment with pemetrexed: A retrospective study

L. Hansen, V. Eriksen, T. Schytte

Publikation: Bidrag til tidsskriftKonferenceabstrakt i tidsskriftForskningpeer review


Introduction: Pemetrexed is a treatment option for advanced non-small cell lung cancer. In the product information of Pemetrexed, conjunctivitis is described as a common side effect; other eye disorders are not described. However, in daily clinical practice we have experienced that patients treated with Pemetrexed describe different kinds of eye disorders during their course of treatment. These eye disorders may have a negative impact on patient quality of life (QoL). Objectives: The purpose of the study is to identify the kind of eye disorders patients experience during the treatment with Pemetrexed, how many patients experience the eye disorders, and grade the detected eye disorders according to Common Toxicity Criteria for Adverse Event version 4.0 (CTCAE). Methods: This is a retrospective study of patients treated with Pemetrexed in the Department of Oncology, Odense University Hospital, Denmark from 1st January 2013 to 31st December 2014. Data are obtained from patient files. Results: During the study period 264 patients were treated with Pemetrexed. Half of the patients 132 experienced eye disorders. The observed eye disorders were dry eyes, tear flow, stinging eyes, materie in the eyes, blurred vision, redding and swelling of skin under the eyes and unspecific eye disorders. Grade 1 eye disorders were experienced by 34 patients, grade 2 by 133. None experienced grade 3. Conclusions: Eye disorders are an underestimated side effect from Pemetrexed. There is a need for increased attention to this side effect in order to initiate treatment and maintain QoL of the patient during the palliative treatment with Pemetrexed. (Figure Presented).
TidsskriftSupportive Care in Cancer
Udgave nummerSUPPL. 1
Sider (fra-til)S276
Antal sider1
StatusUdgivet - 2015
BegivenhedMASCC/ISOO International Symposium - Bella Center, Copenhagen, Danmark
Varighed: 25. jun. 201527. jun. 2015


SeminarMASCC/ISOO International Symposium
LokationBella Center


  • *side effect *human *retrospective study *neoplasm *eye disease patient eye non small cell lung cancer tear flow blurred vision conjunctivitis Denmark oncology toxicity quality of life university hospital clinical practice dry eye palliative therapy swelling skin *pemetrexed