Estimating bioenergy potentials of common African agricultural residues

Sune Tjalfe Thomsen, Zsófia Kádár, Jens Ejbye Schmidt

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Asking a bioenergy researcher about the composition of wheat straw, he would know it by heart. But if enquiring about typicalAfrican biomasses – it would be another case. Until now, biomasses common to African countries have not received the samescientific attention as biomasses from Europe, North America or Brazil. For that reason, it is difficult to estimate bioenergypotentials in the African region.As a part of an on‐going research collaboration investigating production of 2g biofuels in Ghana, this study have analysed 13common African agricultural residues: yam peelings, cassava peelings, cassava stalks, plantain peelings, plantain trunks, plantainleaves, cocoa husks, cocoa pods, maize cobs, maize stalks, rice straw, groundnut straw and oil palm empty fruit bunches (EFB).This was done to establish detailed compositional mass balances, enabling estimations of accurate bioenergy potentials forbioethanol and biogas. Furthermore, biomasses high in specific biomass constituents, such as hemicellulose or lignin, havebeen identified for future biorefinery applications.
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StatusUdgivet - 2013
Begivenhed35th Symposium on Biotechnology for Fuels and Chemicals - Hilton Portland, Portland, USA
Varighed: 29. apr. 20132. maj 2013
Konferencens nummer: 35


Konference35th Symposium on Biotechnology for Fuels and Chemicals
LokationHilton Portland