Educational Activities among Teaching Faculty at Health, Aarhus University: Faculty Development Questionnaire 2016

Eva Lykkegaard, Mette Krogh Christensen, Bente Vigh Malling, Andreas Bennedsen

Publikation: Bog/rapportRapportForskning


This report concerns educational activities and pedagogical competences and qualifications among
scientific faculty at Health, Aarhus University (AU).
At Health, AU, one strategy for accomplishing high-quality programs for students is fostering well
qualified teachers through faculty development.
The ‘Faculty Development Questionnaire 2016’ is a first attempt to map educational activities and
pedagogical competences and qualifications amongst teachers and supervisors at Health, AU. It is
commissioned by vice Dean Charlotte Ringsted and has been conducted from Centre for Health Sciences
Education (CESU), AU. We obtained and included 1.982 email-addresses from Health’s teaching
faculty (65% of all faculty) (see section 2.3) and of these faculty 478 (24% of included faculty)
answered all 28 questionnaire items.

The findings presented in this report are intended to inspire and incite to:
- Set standards on pedagogical qualifications and participation in educational activities
amongst faculty and hereby assure the quality of teaching at Health, AU.
- Identify focus points for educational and pedagogical faculty development at Health as a
whole or at individual departments.
- Benchmarking by evaluating individual teaching competences of faculty from one department
by comparing them with faculty from another department.
- Measure development on the standards, focus points and benchmarking put forward.

This report yields insight into which teaching competences are present at the individual departments
at the faculty of Health, AU, and it can serve as a needs assessment for faculty development at individual
departments and across the faculty of Health, AU as a whole. The Faculty Development Model,
which was developed by CESU and employed at Health in 2016, affords a suitable framework to
address many of the conclusions and perspectives in this report. Accordingly, the initiatives in the
Faculty Development Model, including the Educational Ambassadors Network, provides educational
activities and pedagogical consultancy that may support individual teachers as well as departments
in further developing pedagogical competences and qualifications among teaching faculty at Health,
Aarhus University.
UdgivelsesstedAarhus Universitet
Antal sider87
StatusUdgivet - 2017
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