Educating for the 21st century with role play in event design

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Society moves at an ever-increasing pace, and the importance for students to gain 21st century skills to prepare for post-education work life is an important topic. This is also evident in the education of bachelor-level students in Sports and Health in Denmark. The complexity of health issues and challenges with motivating healthy lifestyles is apparent and calls for education that prepares students for post-university work-life, especially due to the need for innovative practice and project-based work. Educating students for the 21st century requires a different teaching approach than traditional teaching domains targeting specific knowledge and academic skills, which challenges educational institutions and educators as their primary role is to increase employability of the students – especially at university level. The aim of this paper is to pinpoint the key learning outcomes regarding student acquisition of skills and competencies in a game-based event design course. The course was completed with 22 second-year bachelor students in Sports and Health at the University of Southern Denmark in 2019. Previous research show that a game-based learning approach can potentially increase student engagement and facilitate soft-skill acquisition. However, few empirical studies explore how role play can be applied at university level to simulate real-world scenarios and enable the acquisition of skills and competencies needed in cross-department projects. An action research approach was utilized to enable flexibility and improvement throughout the course. Inductive thematic analysis was applied to the qualitative data generated during the course, and the results are discussed drawing on concepts of 21st century skills and game-based learning. The results show that the course design created situations with the potential to improve Social Emotional Learning as a central element of 21st skills. Furthermore, the experience of working with a real-life project in a simulated project organization was educational for most of the students who were motivated by the course design and embraced the learning potential. The implications of this paper are especially relevant to teachers, educators and alike who wish to develop teaching that prepare the students for 21st century work-life.

TitelProceedings of the 13th International Conference on Game Based Learning, ECGBL 2019
RedaktørerLars Elbaek, Gunver Majgaard, Andrea Valente, Saifuddin Khalid
ForlagAcademic Conferences and Publishing International
Publikationsdatookt. 2019
ISBN (Elektronisk)978-191276438-9
StatusUdgivet - okt. 2019
Begivenhed13th International Conference on Game Based Learning, ECGBL 2019 - Odense, Danmark
Varighed: 3. okt. 20194. okt. 2019


Konference13th International Conference on Game Based Learning, ECGBL 2019
NavnProceedings of the European Conference on Games-based Learning


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