Design and Control of Grid Connected Photovoltaic System

Ahteshamul Haque, Mohammed Ali Khan, V.S. Bharath Kurukuru

Publikation: Bog/rapportMonografiForskningpeer review


The current model for electricity generation and distribution is dominated by centralized power plants which are typically associated with combustion (coal, oil, and natural gas) or nuclear generation units. These power models require distribution from the center to outlying consumers and have many disadvantages concerning the electric utilities, transmission and distribution, and greenhouse gas emissions. This resulted in the modelling and development of cleaner renewable power generation with alternative sources such as photovoltaic (PV), wind, and other sources. Further, due to matured PV technology, constant drop-in installation cost, greenhouse emissions reductions, energy efficiency, reduced transmission and distribution investments, minimization of electric losses, and network support, the development of PV systems is proliferating. In view of this development, this book provides an idea for setting up the PV plant from initial study of the site to plan sizing. Once the first planning is covered, the book focuses on the modeling aspects of power electronics converter and control elements associated with it keeping the operating standards specified for the development of distributed generation systems in check. This book will be useful for industrial professionals and researchers who are working toward modeling of PV plants, and their control in grid connected operation. All the necessary information related to these fields is available in the book.
ForlagCRC Press
Antal sider244
ISBN (Trykt)9781032189741, 9781032189772
ISBN (Elektronisk)9781003257189
StatusUdgivet - 2023
Udgivet eksterntJa


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