dermaOXY skin assay: effect and evidence

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This text is a videnkupon report supported by the Danish Innovation Fonds and conducted by L.M. and B.K. for dermaOXY (by MedicTinedic ApS, Varde, Denmark).
It involves two dermaOXY products: dermaOXY HYALURON SERUM and dermaOXY SYN SERUM. These are applied to the facial skin in combination with a 90 percent pure oxygen gas stream. Occasionally, the treatment is supported by low-level light exposure, prepared by mechanical microporation of skin or both. The dermaOXY skin improvement approach is used in treatments by clinics spread across 23 countries [1]. This text also includes an assessment of the instrument set DermaLab®Combo, which is used for the physical characterization of skin status after treatment.
The report consists of four main parts, dedicated to
1. the properties of human skin
2. the anti-aging methods applied by the dermaOXY treatment
3. the analytical methods applied by dermaOXY to characterize the effects of the
dermaOXY treatment
4. an evaluation of the above
Selected aspects of the human skin are described in order to provide a general
background of knowledge. In more detail: the three layers of skin (epidermis, dermis and hypodermis) and their constituents are described. This knowledge is important for assessing the dermaOXY approach to slow down (or better yet inhibit) the phenotypical signs of aging. Professor Beate Klösgen and B.Sc. Lasse Menov performed the study and wrote this report. Lars Melgaard, COO of dermaOXY, provided the information on the dermaOXY approach. Doris Westphal from Westphals Fabrikker A/S, Sønder-Omme, Denmark kindly supplied data about the sera and their constituents. Additional information was acquired during an open discussion among the above mentioned persons and Lars L. Kristensen from Lambert Kristensen ApS, Esbjerg, Denmark. This exchange of information was organized by L. Melgaard and hosted by D. Westphal.
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StatusUdgivet - 15. feb. 2015


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